Built for connected people

Pod goes beyond telling you what's next - it shows you who is next. And it connects all your context in one place, so you can stop searching for email intros and notes, and instead focus on relationships. Pod is for people who know a lot of people - and want to keep it all together.

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Unified Context

Your calendar, email, & note-taking app just joined forces. Pull up context before every meeting — notes, shared relationships, & emails.


Team Sharing

Share interactions with colleagues or everyone on your team. Work together to build relationships & speak with one voice.


Powerful Reporting

Add your relationships to lists to see super-charged reporting on the web. Track pipelines & ditch your heavyweight CRM.

It's not just a calendar.

It connects to the email that led you there.
It has your notes from last time.
It reminds you to follow up.
It may render your CRM obsolete.
It connects to your team.
It's people-oriented.

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Also available on the web.

Pod is in beta and is completely free.