A smarter calendar

Using artificial intelligence to improve your calendar

You might not realize it at first, but Pod is a pretty smart calendar. Behind our simple interface, we’ve packed some powerful tools – and even an algorithm or two.

Our approach to “artificial intelligence” in your calendar is balanced. Being “smart” can be dangerous; it can confuse people and create disruptive alerts. We think that many companies use AI to improve their metrics, not necessarily the user experience. But nobody can deny that there are opportunities to streamline workflows and make life easier with a little robot-magic.

We’ve endeavored to build a calendar that leverages things like predictive analytics and machine learning in a lightweight, understandable way, and, more importantly, at the right places and times.

Here are a few of the ways we’ve added intelligence to your calendar:

Event Creation

Pod utilizes natural language processing to suggest details as you type an event title. Try typing “Coffee tomorrow 4pm with Tom at Stable Cafe”. Pod will automatically detect and suggest an event called “Coffee” at 4pm tomorrow, inviting any “Toms” you select, at Stable Cafe. And the “Toms” you see are ordered by relevance, so you’re more likely to find the right Tom quickly.

Email Example Pod uses Natural Language Processing to create events on your calendar faster.

Instead of spending time dealing with datepickers and dropdowns, you can quickly type a phrase and transform it into a full-fledged event.

And yes, it works Spanish – or any major language.

Contact Context

Pod is the calendar about people, and anytime you tap an avatar, you see intelligence on that person: past events and (optionally) emails, as well as automatically-generated details like LinkedIn and Twitter handles, city, and title. We use a service that crawls millions of data points across the web in real-time to surface the best possible data on your people.

Pod goes beyond surfacing the time and place of your event to provide you with critical information on the person you’re interacting with.

Contact Search & Ranking

Beyond individual context, Pod surfaces all your contacts ranked by the last time you interacted. Pod mines and aggregates contacts from your phone, your calendar, Lists shared with your team, and any Google integrations you enable; this means that Pod has the most comprehensive list of people you know, with the most relevant people surfaced first.

Whether you’re inviting someone to an event, adding someone to a follow-up List, or simply searching for past context, Pod makes finding the right person fast and easy.

The Future

We’re not done with Pod – not even close. And we have many plans for how to make Pod a smarter calendar. We’d love to hear your ideas! Feel free email (justin@pod.io) or leave a comment.

Whatever direction we take, however, one thing is certain: Pod will be simple and understandable. The robots will never take over. We’ll be the simple calendar to see what’s next and who’s next. And then you can close the app and go do things.

Your calendar is getting smarter, but it’s also smart to be simple.

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