Beautiful views

See your events in whole new ways with Pod

Pod’s views are both simple and flexible. You can easily see what’s next, and you can also zoom out to get the big picture.

Agenda vs. Day View

Pod has two main views: Agenda and Day View. Tap the icon in the upper left of your Calendar tab to set your default.

Views Agenda View on the left and Day View on the right

Agenda View is a list of your day’s events, along with Reminders or email conversations happening that day (if you have Gmail enabled). Between events, we tell you if there is free time. Tap this “free block” to schedule something (or prevent others from doing so!).

Day View is a one-dimensional grid, so you can see which events are happening over which hours, and see any overlaps quickly and easily.

Weeks & Months

Our datepicker can show either a week or a month. Each day has a miniature timeline below it showing which parts of your day have events (dark blue) or which days have all day events (light blue). This shows you where you’re busy or free before you event tap.

Month View Swipe down from the datepicker to see your Month View.

Slide the datepicker down to see Month View - your full set of events on any month. This lets you “zoom out” to see multi-day events, like vacations and holidays, more clearly.

Colorful Calendars

The icon also allows you to choose which calendars are showing in Pod. Quickly toggle on or off a shared calendar. You can also change any calendar’s color to differentiate your events.

Events with Contacts

Outside of the Calendar Tab, you can also see your upcoming and past events with any contact. Just tap any face, or find the contact in the Contacts Tab. Forget when you last saw someone? Use to Pod to look it up with just a few taps.

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