iOS Contacts integration

Call, text, or email people on your calendar

With our latest release, Pod connects more deeply to your iOS Contacts, so you can view and reach anyone you’re meeting.

Make contact

Start an email, text message, or call from any event that has attendees, without leaving Pod. Need to send out an agenda or notify people of a change? Use Pod, and choose the medium that is most natural (for friends, that might be text message; for colleagues, email may be better).

Email Participants Update event participants with a few quick taps

By using native iOS functionality around creating messages, Pod allows you to start conversations with pre-populated context, such as the event details. Once you create an email or a text, all your communication lives within Mail or iMessage, ensuring complete privacy and clarity about who is seeing what.

Enhanced profiles

But Pod goes beyond other calendars in simply surfacing your iOS contacts. We augment your contacts with additional data, such as links to LinkedIn and Twitter, profile pictures, and likely locations. We give you the opportunity to categorize your contacts on Lists. You can even associate your events with contacts that aren’t explicitly invited.

When you create or update a contact in Pod, any data you provide will override Pod’s intelligence locally. Pod never stores or shares your personal contact data. The extra data we surface comes from services that scrape the web (LinkedIn, Twitter) for profile information.

Consolidated contacts

Finally, deeper contact integration enables Pod to merge contacts. If an iOS Contact has multiple email addresses associated, Pod will show consolidated profile information for that person, ensuring you a full profile for the human you’re meeting, not just one of their email addresses.

Pod is the calendar that’s built for people. With deeper iOS Contacts integration, Pod goes beyond simply surfacing your schedule — it helps you connect with the people you’re meeting.

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