Facebook events on your calendar

Our new integration brings your Facebook events into Pod

A great calendar app combines all your events in one place—and this includes Facebook events. Historically, seeing Facebook in calendar apps has been tricky and has required workarounds. With iOS 11, many people saw Facebook events stop appearing altogether.

Starting today, Pod integrates directly with Faceboook to show all of the same events you see in the Facebook app, reliably. And it’s incredibly easy to set up.

Facebook Events Now we won’t forget about the Pod holiday party.

Your Facebook account is personal, so it’s important to understand some details of how we integrate:

It’s easy to jump from Pod straight into Facebook to see details around your event, leave a comment, and RSVP. And, if you have a lot going on, you can always hide Facebook events, just like other events in Pod.

Check out our Facebook integration. We hope it helps you put more friends and fun activities on your schedule.

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