Introducing Pod

It’s time to rethink calendar

Your calendar is one of the most important apps on your phone: it’s the place where you plan your day. At a higher level, it’s a reflection of how you want to spend your life. With so many services competing for your attention, a simple place to set intentions and commitments is more important than ever.

We built Pod because calendar needs a rethink. Most calendar apps follow the same pattern, with a slightly different set of colors and views. Pod goes further, pushing the boundaries and re-examining what your calendar can and should do.

Pod Introducing Pod

Why Pod?

Like any calendar, Pod has a variety of ways to visualize your agenda, but we’ve also maintained a simple, thoughtful design that highlights what’s next and prevents you from getting lost. We use a miniature timeline to show which days have events before you tap, and you can easily toggle a full month view with a simple gesture.

Pod utilizes natural language entry to create events – along with several other types of intelligence. But Pod goes beyond other calendars by surfacing contacts and places based on your history, not just alphabetically.

Pod is the first calendar to put people at the center. The people attending your next event are just as important as the time and location; Pod honors this by surfacing history and context for anyone you meet. See your last meeting or email exchange, tap to see what they’ve been Tweeting, or put them on a list to enable lightweight relationship management.

What’s next?

The most important aspect of Pod is that it’s improving every week. We’re a tiny team (of two!), but we have big plans. What you see today is only a small part of our vision. When you verify an email in Pod, you are subscribed to our mailing list, so we’ll keep you updated on what we’re building. You can also email to reach us directly at any time.

It’s time to try a whole new way of thinking about calendar. Download Pod today.

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