Linked Contacts

Associating people and events, without a formal invitation

Sometimes you have events associated with other people, but you don’t want to invite them. Maybe you haven’t finalized the time, and your event is a placeholder. Maybe the event is casual, and you don’t want to send a formal invitation. Maybe you’ve hidden an event because it’s a duplicate, and you don’t want to create another duplicate on their calendar.

In these situations, link your contact instead, with Pod. A Linked Contact is associated with the event, but it doesn’t invite the other party (and the event doesn’t propagate to their calendar). Linked Contacts are only visible to you, and they help you stay organized about who is on your agenda.

Linked Contact If Tom confirms he is available, I will formally invite him

When you Link Contacts in Pod, your events will show large avatars for the contacts you linked, so you can remember who is involved. The avatars connect to Pod contact screens, where you can see context: social profiles, past events, and Lists the person is on. When you meet again in six months, you’ll see the event you linked; Linked Contacts help you maintain a record of who you met with, when, and where.

Furthermore, when you use Linked Contacts, you can take advantage of Pod’s ability to instantly start an email or text message chain from any event. Running five minutes late? Let the other parties know, directly from your calendar.

Linked Contacts are only in Pod. They’re another way we are thinking about calendar differently.

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