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Lists tell you who isn’t on your calendar, but should be

One of the best features in Pod is Lists. Lists, as the name suggests, are categories of contacts: create a List of prospects, clients, direct reports, babysitters, applicants, or friends.

At first glance, Lists seem pretty simple. And they are! But behind the simple design, Lists are a powerful way to get organized and build stronger relationships.

Sort & Scroll

The first thing you can do with Lists is sort them — either manually, or by the last time you had an event or email with someone.

Lists It looks like it might be time to reconnect with Clarence Thomas.

The important people don’t fall through the cracks, because you can see it’s been 3 weeks since you last had coffee with Clarence. Use Pod to put something on the calendar.

Later Stages

Lists can also have Stages. Stages can track the progress of contacts, like recruits or prospects, through a pipeline. Create stages like “Phone Interview” and “Scheduled Followup.”

Simply drag and drop your contacts between or within stages to re-prioritize.

Reporting & More

If you use Pod with your team, Lists are even more powerful with reporting and intelligence on the web, powered by an integration with Looker. There is much more coming in terms of relationship management — stay tuned.

If you want to use Lists on the web, please contact justin@pod.io so that we can add you to our test group.

Lists See how many contacts were in your List, and in each Stage, over time.

Whether you’re trying to keep track of college buddies, Tinder dates, or a sophisticated sales funnel, Pod makes it easy to keep track of your people and make sure the important people get on your calendar.

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