Built for people

Pod puts people at the center of your calendar

Calendars today are all about scheduling; creating events that don’t overlap, and getting alerts before they start. There is no context — like the email chain that led to your meeting. You can see what’s next, but you can’t see who is next — or who should be next, like a friend you haven’t seen in six months.

What if your calendar went further? What if it helped you manage the people in your life, not just the events your agenda?

This is a key idea behind Pod: it’s a calendar built for people.

Pod Pod lets you see your events by day or by person.

With Pod, you can:

Remember the context

Tap any face in Pod to see history with that person: past events, notes, and emails — like the one that led to the meeting. Pod also has social links like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sort and organize contacts

See your contacts sorted by the last event you had. Add contacts to Lists to categorize your relationships. See who’s next on your calendar — and who you haven’t seen in awhile.

Connect instantly

Email or text message participants for any event. What’s the agenda? Should we move to next week? Pod surfaces event details and puts communication with event attendees a tap away.

Built for people

It’s time to rethink the way we plan our day. Your calendar can do more than keep track of your events — with Pod, it can also keep track of your people. This can help foster richer relationships and interactions; this is just as important as showing up on time.

Try Pod today. It’s a whole new way of thinking about calendar.

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