Friendly accountability in simple, unified views

Your calendar app is the place to set your intentions, but all not all intentions are alike. Sometimes you have events with other people, at certain times and places, that you can’t miss. Sometimes you have personal items, like things you need to get done at certain times.

If you’re like us, these personal items, like “go to the gym,” or “call Eric after work” can often fall by the wayside. They don’t get done, and they fade into the past.

But what if your calendar did more to hold you accountable? With Pod’s new update, we are putting Reminders inline in your schedule, right next to your events. You can see a unified view of all the things you need to do—meetings, time-sensitive tasks, and any other intentions.

Inline Reminders

By using Reminders instead of events, Pod can help make sure you follow up on your intentions. Instead of simply disappearing into the past, they stay open until you complete them. Reminders more than a day old are collapsed into an “Overdue” bucket.

Use Pod to hold yourself more accountable, honor your intentions better, and see everything in one simple, unified view.

Turn on the Reminders integration from your calendar drawer.

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