Scheduling made easy

Introducing our new 1-1 scheduling web app, Suggest

Today we are launching Suggest, a simple web app that makes scheduling 1-1 events faster and easier.

Scheduling is hard – it’s a constant back-and-forth. You’re toggling between apps, looking for conflicts, communicating preferences, and translating all of it into a structured commitment before things change.

Many people have tried to solve the problem using “find a time” solutions or shareable “appointment slots.” These aren’t great, because your calendar isn’t a perfect reflection of your intentions. On a busy day, you may need an hour of downtime between meetings, but your calendar doesn’t know that.

Additionally, preferences vary based on the other person involved. You’re happy to meet Amy over a coffee, but for Sam you need an hour in a conference room.

Our solution

We think there’s a better way to schedule meetings – a way that maps more closely to the natural way humans coordinate: you offer a few options, they choose the best one, and it gets added to your calendars.

Suggest You offer a few options, and the other party picks the best one.

This is how Suggest works:

It’s more personal than sending a formal calendar invite, and gives the other party some options. Suggest also gives you the flexibility to re-arrange your schedule and update your suggestions as your availability changes.

Gmail integration

If you use our Gmail, Suggest is insanely simple – just open our Gmail add-on while viewing any thread, on any device. You can even pre-fill a Gmail reply with the suggestions you’ve made.

Suggest Use Suggest right from your email inbox.

The future

We started with a web app as a test. If people like Suggest, we’ll consider building it into our native iOS app as well. Pod suggest only works with Google Calendar at this time.

If you’re looking for an easy way to schedule 1-1s with people, try Suggest – and let us know how you like it!

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