Scheduling made easy

Offer multiple options, and let invitees vote for what works best

Scheduling events with other people is hard. It involves constant back-and-forth: sharing availabilities, finding a time that works, and committing before schedules change.

Today, Pod makes this process easier by offering a new way to schedule events. With Pod, you can suggest multiple times for an event to take place. Invitees vote on the slots that work best. When you’re ready, you can translate the winning option into a regular calendar event with just a few taps.

Creating a suggestion happens in the Pod iOS app. You’ll see the times you suggested in your schedule, so you can ensure you aren’t creating conflicts. Share a short link to let people vote on the times that work best, and you’ll be notified when new votes come in. When you’re ready to commit, you can convert the suggestion into a regular calendar event with everyone who voted added as participants.

Here is how it works:

Read our help article for more.

Many people have tried to solve the scheduling problem using “find a time” solutions or shareable “appointment slots.” These aren’t great, because your calendar isn’t a perfect reflection of your constantly-changing plans. Additionally, calendar services often can’t access calendars for everyone involved, so automated solutions fall short.

Pod’s solution—voting on times—is simple, keeps people in charge of their schedules, and eliminates back-and-forth. It works for finding a time with one person, or with a dozen.

Next time you coordinate an event involving other people, try creating a suggestion in Pod. You might discover that finding a time that works for everyone takes a lot less time than you expect.

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