Frequently Asked Questions

About Pod

What is Pod?

Pod is the iOS app rethinking your calendar. Learn how it works and why it’s special.

Do you have an Android app? Do you have a Mac app?

Not yet. We’d like to build one soon though!

Why should I verify my email?

Pod works “out of the box,” but verifying your work and personal emails allows Pod to sync your data between any (present or future) iOS devices you may have, unlocks special features like Lists, and it allows us to keep you posted about major product changes and updates.


How do I prevent duplicative notifications for events?

If you would prefer for Pod to send event notifications instead of the default Calendar app, from your iPhone Settings app, tap Notifications, then Calendar and toggle “Allow Notifications” off.

Why can’t I see my calendar?

Ensure that you’ve connected your calendar to the iPhone and that your calendar is toggled on in Pod. Learn how to configure Pod.


How do Reminders work in Pod?

Any Reminder in your the Reminders app with a due date will appear on that day in Pod. This includes any Reminders you create with Siri that have a due date. Any reminder you create in Pod will also appear in the Reminders app.


Can I send emails from Pod?

Pod is not an email client; connecting Gmail to Pod simply enables you to see recent messages with people you’re meeting. However, you can compose a new email by tapping the email address on the contact tab. This uses the Mail app to send the message.

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