Gmail Add-on

Pod’s Gmail Add-on brings the power of Pod to Gmail. Setup meetings without leaving your email inbox, and see context for the people you’re emailing.

We’re actively developing both Pod and the Add-on. Please send any feedback or questions directly to

To learn more about why we built Pod for Gmail, read our blog post.

About the Add-on

How does it work?

Once installed, a small Pod logo will show up in Gmail:

Note: Google has not yet released Add-ons for their iOS app, but they say it’s coming soon!

Gmail Addon Click the Pod icon to open our Add-on in the Gmail web app

Tapping the icon will open a window where you will see context on the email participants (social links, past events), if available, and options to schedule or suggest meetings.

Why don’t I see it?

You will only see the Add-on if you are viewing an email message (not your list of messages), and you’ve installed the Add-on. Sometimes after installing, you may need to refresh Gmail or force-close-and-reopen your mobile app. If you are using browser extensions that inject content into Gmail, they may prevent you from seeing the Pod Add-on.

If you are part of an organization using Gmail, your administrator may need to enable Add-ons or install Pod for Gmail for you.

What access am I giving Pod?

Emails is personal, so we built our Add-on to request the minimum amount of access we need. The Add-on has access to individual emails while you are browsing them and interacting with our Add-on directly. We don’t have access to your email history. Pod never stores the content of your emails on our servers.

As a calendar app, Pod requests Google Calendar permissions so that we can enable scheduling events from the Add-on.

About Pod

What is Pod?

Pod is the iOS app rethinking your calendar. Learn more.

Why did a calendar app build a Gmail Add-on?

Because many events start with emails. Also, Pod is a people-oriented calendar, and our Add-on brings context about people into a key place where you’re interacting.

If you use the Pod iOS app, you can connect Gmail and see emails for anyone you’re meeting.

Is this free?

Yes. Pod is 100% free—the iOS app and the Gmail Add-on.

If you like Pod, please review us on the Google and Apple App Stores.