How Pod Works

Pod is a simple calendar, but it also packs some powerful features. Here are the basics.


Pod connects directly to your iPhone’s calendars. This means Pod supports any type of calendar, including Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. Learn more about configuring calendars in Pod.

Just like Apple Calendar, any changes you make on the web or in other calendars are synced to Pod, and vice versa. Any event you see on Apple Calendar will appear in Pod (assuming you have the calendar toggled on).


iOS Reminders are integrated with Pod; any item you see in your Reminders app with a due date will appear in Pod on that day. Changing (or completing) the event in Pod will be reflected in your Reminders app on iOS or Mac.

If you use Siri to create Reminders or Events, they show up in Pod!


Pod connects to your iOS Contacts to access the contacts on your phone. If you toggle on our Google integrations, Pod also includes all contacts that you’ve emailed or had events with. This means that Pod has the most comprehensive set of Contacts; find anyone you’ve interacted with to quickly invite them to an event or add them to a List.

Check out our FAQ for more information about how Pod works.

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