Pod has two key integrations:

Google Calendar

Coming Soon - our Google Calendar integration is still under development.

Connecting Pod directly to your Google Calendar enables:


Connecting your Gmail account enables:

Future integrations

We’re thinking about even more powerful ways to connect to data and services. If you have ideas or requests, email

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see historical emails or events?

You may be offline or in a low-connectivity environment. Because Pod fetches your data from Google realtime, you have to be connected to the internet for our integrations to work.

Is my Gmail data secure? Do you store or share it?

Security and privacy are the most important considerations when integrating with your personal data. Pod never stores any of your emails on our servers. We never share or sell your email data with any other party. We only access your data when we need it to improve your experience with the product. If you are hesitant to give Gmail permissions to Pod, keep in mind that it is optional. Many users enjoy Pod without giving this permission.

What happens when I disable an integration?

Pod will immediately lose access to your calendar or email data, and you will no longer see it in the app. You are welcome (and encouraged) to also remove access using Google’s portal at Google does not let us do this for you.

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