A suggestion helps you agree with people on a time to do something together, before putting an event on their calendars.

It works likes this:

  1. You choose a set of time options for the event.
  2. You share a link with the other people who will participate.
  3. People click on that link and vote for the times that work for them.
  4. You see everyone’s votes and choose a time. An event is created on everyone’s calendars.

Creating a suggestion

Tap the + button, then Suggestion. Enter a title, some time options, and optionally a location and notes.

For the Organizer, enter your own email address, the one that you wish to use for the eventual calendar event.

Tap Save to create the suggestion.

Sharing the suggestion

After creating the suggestion, you will see a link like Tap on the link to see options for sharing it through email, iMessage, and other services.

Anyone who has this link will be able to add their name and email address to the suggestion and vote on times. If you have allowed push notification, you will notified when they do so.

Scheduling the event

At any time, you can end voting and choose a time to schedule the calendar event. To do this, go to the suggestion in Pod, find the time you wish to schedule, and tap on it. Then tap Schedule Event.

You will then have the opportunity to modify the title, location, notes, and participants before creating the new calendar event. Once you save the event, the suggestion will disappear.

Learn more about Suggestions and see screenshots on our blog.

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